Best CBD Oil

There are thousands of CBD products out there. Each one sounding the same, offering the same benefits, and promising to be the best CBD product on the market. With so many biased opinions filling the web, it can be difficult to discern fact from profit-driven fiction. 

At CBD Review Lab, I’ve been personally testing and reviewing CBD products since 2018. My goal is to help you get the absolute best CBD out there. My favorites are listed below.

Here are the most important factors I consider when choosing the best CBD:

Lazarus Natural’s 6,000 mg tincture is the CBD oil I recommend to all of my friends and family members. It is a highly effective, high quality CBD oil that is very affordable. I can’t recommend them enough. Read full review »

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If you’ve never tried CBD before and price is a concern, you can’t go wrong with CBDistillery’s 1,000 mg full-spectrum oil. It is my top recommendation for first time users. It has a cheap overall price tag and packs quite a punch at just 1,000 mg. Read full review »

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NuLeaf Naturals 6,000 mg CBD oil is another solid product. While it doesn’t taste the best, it’s identical in effectiveness compared to Charlotte’s Web, but it’s just a bit more expensive. Read review »

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Charlotte’s Web is another solid CBD oil that has a little less THC per mg than the other CBD oils listed above. So if you’re sensitive to THC but still want a full-spectrum CBD oil, this is the product for you. Read full review »

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Same as what I said above. Plain Jane offers an extremely cheap product that is surprisingly effective. If you’re on a budget and looking to dip your toes into the CBD world, this is a good mid shelf CBD oil. Read full review »

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Frequently Asked Questions

How I Choose the Best CBD Oils


The number one thing I look for in a CBD product is effectiveness. How well does the product work? If a product doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter how cheap it is, I’m not going to recommend it. I will recommend a $100 product that works over a $1 product that doesn’t do a thing.

Total Price of the Product

While effectiveness is important, price is still a major factor I take into consideration. Ideally, we want a product that works well but doesn’t cost a fortune. CBD is expensive, and I don’t want anyone to waste their money.

Price Per Milligram of CBD

When looking at the price of CBD, I also look at the price per mg. If a product has 100 mg of CBD and costs $50, you’re paying $.50 per mg of CBD, which is very expensive. However, if a product has 1,000 mg of CBD and costs $100, you’re paying $.10 per mg of CBD. So while it may be more expensive up front, you’re paying less per mg of CBD for the $100 product and end up saving money in the long run.

Third-Party Testing

Third-party testing provides a neutral, unbiased source of information that is extremely important for consumers. The CBD industry is booming. As such, there has been an increase of cheap, low-quality products sourced overseas or from biomass facilities sourcing from hundreds of farms. Some of these products sacrifice quality in order to save a few bucks. Additionally, CBD products may have lower CBD content than advertised. With third-party testing, companies can’t alter in-house results or publish inaccurate information. CBD companies who have their products tested by third-party laboratories are more likely to be safe and meet quality standards. It is a reflection of transparency and trust. If a company doesn’t have a certificate of analysis from a third party lab on their website, it’s a major red flag.

Hemp Cultivation

Something that is often overlooked when choosing a CBD product are the conditions in which the hemp plants were grown. This is an important factor that must be considered to reduce exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. If a product is not certified organic, I’m not going to recommend it.

Extraction Method

Many CBD manufacturers use harmful solvents such as propane and butane to extract and process their products. I always look for companies that use safer methods such as alcohol, carbon dioxide, or cold-pressed extraction.

Type of CBD

There are three main types of CBD:

  1. Isolate: contains only CBD with no other cannabinoids
  2. Broad-spectrum: contains multiple cannabinoids naturally found in the cannabis plant, but doesn’t contain THC full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate. In my personal experience, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products are far superior to isolate products.
  3. Full-spectrum: contains all cannabinoids naturally found in the cannabis plant, including THC
In my experience, full-spectrum is far superior to isolate and broad-spectrum. Research has found that CBD containing the full-spectrum of cannabinoids produces what’s known as the entourage effect. This means that when used together, they may be more effective than isolated cannabinoids.

Taste, Smell, & Appearance

Some CBD oils have added flavors such as vanilla, mint, or cinnamon to make them more appealing while others are flavorless. This isn’t a big factor for me when it comes to choosing the best CBD as I am looking for effective products more than anything. However, if a product tastes or smells bad enough to the point I don’t want to take it, I’m going to let you know. I also look for oils with some color to it. Generally, the more processed a CBD oil is the lighter the color will be. Less processed CBD oils tend to be dark brown, gold, or green.

Company Reputation

What is the underlying mission of the company? Is their goal to make money and push a low quality CBD product out to as many people as possible? Or is the company trying to sincerely help the planet and the people living upon it? This might not be important to some people, but it’s an important factor to me.