Savage CBD 1,000 mg CBD Oil Review

Savage CBD is based in California and they’ve been in the CBD game since 2015. You really get the feel of a California vibe looking at the branding of their products and website. They offer a massive selection of products, all of which are third party tested by SC Labs, so you know you’re getting products you can trust.

Quick Breakdown

Taste & Smell
Overall Opinion

This quick breakdown summarizes the content below. My review of Savage CBD is purely based on my personal opinion and experiences. Your results and experience may vary. We are all wired differently and what works well for me may not work well for you!

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Appearance, Taste & Smell

Savage CBD’s oil has two ingredients: fractionated coconut oil and full spectrum CBD hemp extract. The oil has a faint yellow appearance to it and it is hands down the best tasting CBD oil I’ve tried so far. There is absolutely no cannabis scent or taste to it.


Effect-wise, I was very surprised. The majority of CBD oils I try all seem to work the same, where my entire body relaxes and it feels like there’s a weight of my shoulders and chest. However, with Savage CBD, these effects were very minor, and I actually felt the CBD more in my head than anywhere else. I don’t know if Savage CBD uses a sativa hemp plant for their products, but it definitely seemed to put my mind at ease. Don’t get me wrong, you still feel the CBD throughout your body, but it just seems to be more focused in the head.

In my opinion, Savage CBD is ideal for:

  • Stress/anxiety relief
  • Sleep

Will Savage CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

Since Savage CBD is a full spectrum product, it contains all of cannabinoids that are present in the hemp plant. This includes a small amount of THC (less than .3%). So while it’s a small amount, there’s still a chance you could fail a drug test if you take this product.  

If you are subject to drug testing, whether at work or for a sport, you should be cautious with all CBD products.


Price wise Savage CBD is below average. Their 1,000 mg tincture is $85 if you use the discount code CBDREVIEWLAB, which comes out to under $.07 per mg of CBD, and I consider $.10 to be average.

Price breakdown of Savage CBD oils when you use the discount code CBDREVIEWLAB:

  • 1000 mg: $85
  • 1500 mg: $105
  • 2000 mg: $135

The best bang for your buck is in the 2000 mg oil, however, if it’s your first time trying CBD, I recommend starting out with their 1000 mg CBD oil to see how it works for you.


Overall, I really enjoyed Savage CBD’s full spectrum CBD oil. Like I said above, it offers more of a head high than body high and it is easily the best tasting CBD oil I’ve tried so far, so if taste is a selling point for you, then I highly recommend checking them out!

If you end up trying them out let me know how they worked for you in the comment section below!

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