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At CBD Review Lab, I personally purchase and test the top CBD products available on the market and share my thoughts and opinions on them. I believe CBD is a powerful tool that can help with a variety of ailments and I’m excited to share my experiences with this incredible plant and the various forms it comes in. Learn more »

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Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil Review

In this Lazarus Naturals CBD oil review, we take a look at: where their hemp comes from, type of CBD they use in their oils, third-party test results, appearance, taste, smell, effectiveness, price and whether or not I recommend this product.

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Game Up Nutrition Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower Review

Game Up Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower Review

About Game Up Nutrition Game Up Nutrition is a CBD company founded by UFC stars Nick & Nate Diaz. They offer a variety of top-quality CBD products, including CBD oil, hemp flower and CBD pre-rolls. All of their products are created

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Charlotte's Web CBD Capsules - 35 mg

Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsule Review

Since 2011, Charlotte’s Web has led the CBD market, pushing the boundaries of what customers can expect from a high-quality CBD product. Committed to bettering the planet and the people living upon it, they continue to innovate and lead the industry

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What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of many compounds known as cannabinoids found in the infamous cannabis plant.

Like a teacher that helps a student find an answer rather than giving it to them, consuming CBD stimulates our body’s own natural mechanisms for maintaining health and wellness.

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