Does CBD Make Your Eyes Red?

Does CBD Make Your Eyes Red?

In short, yes, it is possible CBD can make your eyes red. However, the reasons as to why depends on a number of different factors. These include the product you’re taking, the quantity of the product, and your own individual physiology. We are all wired differently, and how CBD affects one person will be different from how it affects another.

3 Reasons CBD Might Make Your Eyes Red

The reason why CBD may cause red eyes is not entirely clear. More studies are needed to fully understand why this phenomenon happens. However, here are a few possible reasons as to why CBD could cause red eyes.

Dilated Blood Vessels

CBD causes vasorelaxation of isolated arteries, which leads to increased blood flow and possibly redness. This is similar to the way that THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, causes blood vessels in the eyes to dilate.

Individual Physiology

It is also possible that some people may be more sensitive to the effects of CBD than others. This is known as an individual variability, which means that some people may experience red eyes when using CBD, while others may not.

CBD + Medications

Another reason why CBD may cause red eyes is the interaction with other medications. CBD can interact with certain medications, such as blood thinners, and can increase the risk of bleeding. This can lead to red eyes or other symptoms.

If you’re on any kind of medication, be sure to know how it may interact with CBD before trying it, and always consult your doctor before taking any cannabis product.

Which CBD Products Are Most Likely to Make My Eyes Red?

Full-spectrum CBD products are the most likely to make your eyes red.

These products include a much fuller scope of plant-based compounds. All cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are present in the final product, including a small amount of THC.

While all full-spectrum CBD products are required by the 2018 farm bill to have less than .3% THC, when taken in a larger dose, that amount can add up.

Take Charlotte’s Web full-spectrum CBD oil for example. When we look at the lab results for their 60 mg formula, we see there’s 1.1 mg of THC per serving.

Charlotte's Web Certificate of Analysis

Hypothetically, if you take five servings you’re getting 5.5 mg of THC. This is why it’s always important to looks at a CBD products certificate of analysis and see how much THC is in the product. There are many products out there that have up to 2 mg of THC per serving.

Additionally, while we know THC is psychoactive and can make your eyes red, there can be 100+ other cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD products. There are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to these compounds and how they effect us, especially when used together.

Which CBD Products Won’t Make My Eyes Red?

It’s highly unlikely that broad-spectrum and isolate CBD products will make your eyes red. This is because there’s nearly zero THC in these types of CBD products. However, just because there’s no THC doesn’t mean the product won’t make your eyes red.

How Long Does CBD Make Your Eyes Red?

If for whatever reason CBD makes your eyes red, it is worth noting that it is usually mild and temporary. For most people, it is not a serious side effect and does not cause any discomfort. However, for some people, the redness can be more pronounced and may be accompanied by dry eyes or other symptoms.

It is important to note that the use of CBD may have different effects in different people. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional before using any CBD product to understand the potential side effects and whether or not it is safe for you.


CBD may cause red eyes in some individuals, but it is usually mild and temporary. The exact mechanism behind this is not entirely clear, but it is thought that CBD may cause blood vessels in the eyes to dilate. Unfortunately, some experimentation is required to see exactly how CBD effects you individually.

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