Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsule Review

Since 2011, Charlotte’s Web has led the CBD market, pushing the boundaries of what customers can expect from a high-quality CBD product. Committed to bettering the planet and the people living upon it, they continue to innovate and lead the industry with their product quality, safety, and consistency. When it comes to high-quality CBD, Charlotte’s Web is the gold standard.

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Charlotte’s Web is one of the best known CBD brands on the market today. Founded by the Stanley brothers, Charlotte’s Web is named after Charlotte Figi, a young girl who was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. As a result from this rare medical condition, she suffered from hundreds of seizures every week. Out of desperation, Charlotte’s parents turned to cannabis with high CBD and low THC to treat Charlotte’s seizures. After using CBD, the number of seizures Charlotte was having was essentially reduced to zero. The Stanley brothers were so moved by the results that they named their company after the young girl. Here’s a more in-depth backstory.


Effect-wise, this has been the best CBD capsule I have tried so far. I don’t consider myself to be an anxious person, but I’ve noticed that my interactions with people are much more laid back after taking these capsules. I’m calmer and I find myself more present in my conversations and I’m not as afraid to speak my mind, whereas normally I keep a lot of my thoughts to myself, which makes me think I might have a little social anxiety and these capsules really help with that.

In my opinion, Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules are ideal for:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • General relaxation
  • Sleep

Will Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsules Show Up on a Drug Test?

While Charlotte’s Web is made from the hemp plant, it is a full spectrum product. This means that it contains 80+ cannabinoids, including a small amount of THC (less than .3%). So it’s quite possible you may fail a drug test if you take Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules.

If you are subject to drug testing, whether at work or for a sport, you should be cautious with all CBD products.


Price wise this bottle runs $70, but if you use the discount code CBDREVIEWLAB, it will be around $63, which comes out to about $.12/mg of CBD, making this a moderately expensive CBD product, but I personally think it’s worth it.


If you are looking for an effective, high-quality CBD capsule product look no further than Charlotte’s Web. They are the number one CBD capsules that I recommend to my friends and family who are interested in CBD, and they are the number one recommended product on this website.

If you end up trying them out let me know how they worked out for you in the comments below!

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