CBD For Inflammation

CBD For Inflammation

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Inflammation and its accompanying pain are an unfortunate necessity. However, chronic or long-lasting inflammation could quickly escalate to more extreme problems, and therefore should be addressed as soon as possible. While prescribed medications and other over-the-counter remedies may prove useful, especially in the short term, consumers in record-breaking numbers are seeking healthier alternatives, such as CBD, to combat inflammatory pain. In this article, we discuss inflammation and how it is affected by CBD.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, known more widely as the abbreviation CBD, is a 100% organic compound secreted naturally by cannabis and hemp plants. Due to its myriad of potential research-backed therapeutic applications, CBD has become a popular health and wellness supplement. Not to be confused with THC, CBD provides consumers with some of the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant with none of the sedating or otherwise intoxicating effects.

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to tissue damage. Acute inflammation is one of the direct results immediately following most injuries, diseases, and infections. The immune system promptly releases immune cells directly into the affected area to help provide protection. This biological response typically causes redness and swelling that could feel hot to the touch.  

Chronic inflammation, however, refers to a prolonged inflammatory response within the body. In all cases of lingering inflammation, there is potential for detrimental impact upon tissues and organs due to increased production of free radicals and oxidative stress. 

Is CBD Good for Inflammation?

According to various studies, which we will discuss more in-depth in the next section, CBD has demonstrated an ability to help modulate the immune system. It binds to and rapidly desensitizes TRPV1 receptors, which are widely known to mediate inflammation, body temperature, pain, and sensory perception.  

In animal models, CBD has shown to help reduce inflammatory pain by interacting with the glycine receptor, which plays a pivotal role in transmitting pain signals from the source, through the spinal cord, and into the brain (where all pain is perceived). CBD additionally appears to reduce inflammation by helping decrease oxidative stress within the body. 

First-Hand Testimonials

Countless first-hand testimonials preach to the effectiveness of CBD for inflammation and inflammatory pain reduction. The sheer number of success stories alone is commendable. Several consumers claim that CBD has even allowed them to discontinue their currently prescribed medications, though this is ill-advised. Nevertheless, when searching for proof of the effectiveness of any given CBD-infused product, first-hand testimonials often offer valuable insights.     

CBD for Inflammation Research

First-hand testimonials aside, what does the CBD for inflammation research say? Below, we have compiled a few of the most well-known studies focused on the effects of CBD on inflammation. 

study published in PLoS One in 2011 analyzed the effects of CBD on chronic and acute inflammation within the gut. The research, conducted on biopsies of human patients with ulcerative colitis and animal models with intestinal inflammation, concluded that CBD profoundly counteracts inflammation and reduces intestinal damage. 

According to a review published in 2015 by Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, CBD possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties. Reviewers discovered that CBD acts upon several different pathways to help reduce inflammation and inflammatory pain. 

A 2016 study published in Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation investigated the potential of CBD as a treatment for early pancreatic inflammation in diabetic mice. Mice who received ten weeks of CBD treatment demonstrated a significant reduction in leukocyte activation and developed diabetes later in life than mice who didn’t. 

A study published in 2017 in the Journal of Pain analyzed the effects of CBD in male rats diagnosed with osteoarthritis. After two weeks of local CBD treatment, acute joint inflammation reduced. CBD additionally demonstrated effective at preventing the development of joint damage and nerve pain.  

The Bottom Line

Research-backed claims combined with first-hand testimonials speak to the effectiveness of CBD for inflammation. Inflammatory pain, as it would seem by the supporting evidence, is yet another potential application for beginning a daily CBD regimen. While more research is necessary to substantiate these claims, many consumers have, at long last, found CBD to be an effective supplement for their inflammatory pain.  



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