Aspen Green Coupon Code | Save 20%

Save 20% on your next order with this Aspen Green coupon code:


How to Use Aspen Green Coupon Code

Activating your Aspen Green promo code is a very simple process.

Chances are you already have their website pulled up in another tab. If that’s the case, just copy the code “CBDREVIEWLAB” and enjoy your discount! If you need more help on how to apply this coupon code, please follow these steps:

  1. After copying the code above, head on over to the Aspen Green website at:
  2. Once you have all of the products you wish to purchase added to your cart, click the small shopping bag icon in the top right corner on their website to pull up your cart. It should have a number in it to indicated the number of products you are purchasing.
  3. In your cart you’ll see the products you’re going to purchase along with the total price, which is probably a little higher than you’d like, so lets fix that!
  4. Simply enter the coupon code you copied into the discount code field and click the “Apply” button, located in the green box below.
Aspen Green website showing the location of the Aspen Green coupon code field

Now you should be all set! This Aspen Green promo code will save you 20% on your total purchase. It doesn’t matter how many products of theirs you buy. With how expensive CBD is, that’s a decent chunk of money. All that’s left to do now is finish checking out and in a few days you’ll be enjoying some high quality CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Never! This Aspen Green discount code does not expire.

If for whatever reason the code isn’t working for you, please reach out to us and let us know. We will look into it for you and try to find you another discount code.

Nope! The Aspen Green coupon code “CBDREVIEWLAB” is good for any and all products on their website.

Probably! We’re affiliated with many of the major CBD companies out there, and chances are the code “CBDREVIEWLAB” will work with many of them.

Absolutely! Nobody should have to pay full price for a product that helps them feel better. We would love it if you shared this deal with your friends and family.

No, you will still have to pay shipping costs.

About Aspen Green

Aspen Green’s mission is to bring the medicinal value of pure, organic, full-spectrum CBD to people who seek relief from ailments, discomfort, and unease through the use of healthy, natural products. Their three foundational principles that guide every aspect of their business are quality, integrity, and transparency. 

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